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Date: 28/05/2014

Contact: Maria B. O’Hare (


The Darwin Delusion,  newly released Book on Amazon Kindle by Maria B. O’Hare will be available to download FREE for next few days only. From  (Friday) 30th May until 1st June (Sunday) 

The Darwin Delusion (on Amazon) offers solutions to everything you ever wanted to know about Darwinian Evolution, but were afraid to ask….

Spiddal, Galway – Maria O’Hare (author of Darwin Delusion) is a freelance archaeologist /researcher (PhD) who has a passion for science and in particular: the natural world. Then she began to suspect, while carrying out some related research, that the current theory of evolution (that most of us adhere to) was not as water-tight as we had been led to believe. Indeed, it was not actually well supported behind the scientific scenes, so, being an archaeologist, she began digging (metaphorically of course) and this first book in the Darwin Delusion series is an overview of what she uncovered in the end.


For instance, O’Hare raises many pertinent questions throughout her book, but she also answers them; questions such as:


“If we share 50% of our genetic code with bananas: does that make us half banana?”


This is a good-humored look at a fascinating issue, which is as relevant today as it was back in Darwin’s time. O’Hare takes a philosophical, scientific and multidisciplinary approach to this diverse topic and cuts through the jargon-laden literature and reveals the underlying misconceptions and presumptions embedded in the Darwinian theory. She presents her findings in a palatable way that should reach a broad spectrum of readers with a desire to understand the deeper mysteries of our natural world. O’ Hare also makes a case (based upon solid and up-to-date scientific research): that evolution has not quite unfolded in the way we think it has. In other words, she demonstrates via her deep research (all sources embedded as live links throughout her text ranging from video to interesting articles on popular science web-sites and from Darwin’s original texts to the most up-to-date cutting edge scientific papers)  that evolution was not actually via Darwinian means.


Furthermore, she also makes a good case to show that Darwin’s old theory of evolution was reinstated by less than natural means and she refers, with very good cause, to the Neo-Darwinists as “population meddlers” and believes that they “genetically modified Darwin” and his theory to the point that it would have been seriously disapproved of by Darwin himself.


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Below is the first part (Table of contents & Preface) of the Darwin Delusion Book One

…a great man of science … knows everything about everything, except why a hen’s egg don’t turn into a crocodile, and two or three other little things…

Charles Kingsley: The Water-babies (1886),


Front cover image courtesy of









Maria B. O’Hare (PhD)



DIGGING UP THE FUTURE …Not just the Past


© 2014 by Maria B. O’Hare

Author Profile


All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission from the author at


First published online May 2014


Table of Contents




Chapter One – The Illusion of Knowledge


Chapter Two – The Darwinian Tree begins to Topple


Chapter Three – Lamarck Returns – Leaping, but not with the hopeful monsters


Chapter Four – The Epigenetic Caterpillar and the Story of the Blind Cave Fish


Chapter Five – Once Upon a Time – Grandpa Erasmus jiggled young Darwin upon his knee….


Chapter Six – The Walking Fish Story Evolves (dissolves?)




Where Next?



The physical version of this book will be coming to An Amazon store near you soon, but in the meantime, did you know that you don’t need to own a Kindle device to read this book? Free Reading App for Kindle  is available to download. You just click on the device you want it to work on: E.G. I-phone, Mac, PC, Android, Tablets etc… and away you go. The links are not clickable in this blog format, but they are clickable on the Kindle version.


Let’s start with a JOKE!

“How many Evolutionary biologists (Darwinists) does it take to change a light bulb?”




“The light bulb doesn’t need changing – apparently?


Yes, well, moving along swiftly. Speaking of biologists, I am not actually one myself. My qualification for writing this book is quite simply: I had the tools and means (being a freelance researcher and archaeologist) with the luxury of time to pursue this particular topic in great depth. The only question I asked, which seemed innocent   enough at the time, was: could our current understanding of evolution by Darwinian means, be wrong? Yes, I know most people, who do not have any particular philosophical or religious objection to the Darwinian view of evolution, don’t usually question such well-entrenched and established facts. What was there to question, apart perhaps, from a few details to be worked out, everything was sound, or so I thought until I started to dig deeper into this massive topic? And, judging by the title of this book: The Darwin Delusion, perhapsyou might have guessed what my ultimate answer was to this seemingly innocent question?


The motivation grew to tackle this whole topic as, the further I went down this particular rabbit hole: the more disillusioned I became, especially when I realized that the very pillars of the great Darwinian edifice was built upon nothing more than: hopeful assumptions, or “wishful speculations” (1) as Professor James Shapiro (an expert in bacterial genetics and professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) has clearly stated and demonstrated many times over in his many peer-reviewed papers and other publications. As I burrowed deeper, I discovered to my amazement, a whole world of scientific dissent (funnily enough, not amongst the evolutionary Darwinists) was occurring behind the scenes.


Although, you may not have heard about such discrete rumblings, but, if it is of any consolation, nor had I, at least not until I started doing this research. This brings me to my next revelation: the fact the highly regarded scientific online websites (where people like you and me go to access what’s going in science), appear to be either, blissfully unaware of this tidal wave of molecular machinations washing over the Darwinian doctrine, or, are just hoping it might all go away, and the general public might not notice as they attempt (in my humble opinion) to smooth over the cracks.


I then came to realize that there was nothing new in this dissent in the ranks of evolutionary biology, and, I discovered that there had always been fully justified disgruntlements regarding the Darwinian Dinosaurian Doctrine, which in the end became synonymous with evolutionary biology itself. And no, this dissent wasn’t dissatisfaction because of religious or philosophical issue (which they would be perfectly in their right to question), these were real empirical and fundamental scientific issues, based upon thoroughly rational objections. Indeed, alternative theories and ideas to the Darwinian so-called explanation of everything living on our planet, has been around since before Darwin’s time.


In combination, these very un-Darwinian ideas became dominant and were very popular by all accounts within Universities throughout Europe, particularly when Darwinian Theory was suffering from a major decline due to the inherent weaknesses embedded in the evolutionary theory by  Darwinian means (of natural selection by slow, gradual processes) which were believed to be unable to explain natural phenomenon as complex as evolution and specifically, how one species was supposed to change into a distinct one. These issues still stand to this day, with or without the genetic modification of Darwinian Theory.


Yes, as I said, several plausible and verifiable alternatives to the Darwinian doctrine have always existed, and my  hopes were then raised when I came to realize that the most cutting-edge scientific research was not only proving the Darwinian dogma on all its main assumptions wrong, but, these same studies also gave significant support to many of the alternative schools of evolutionary thought that were ridiculed, marginalized or simply ignored ever since the later Neo-Darwinists began to reinstate old Mr. Darwin’s evolutionary theory by less than natural means.


Saying that, there is one thing that most evolutionary scientists, Darwinian or otherwise, did assume to be correct, and that was that evolution had occurred via a type of common ancestry from simple to complex forms. A general consensus arose, but only after millennia of discussion, that humans had descended from apes and we may have originated from a primal slime. Even Darwin agreed with that much and indeed, based his entire theory on that premise.  So, even though this simplistic assumption is beginning to look rather suspect as the growing body of evidence suggests, we can’t really blame Darwin for that little misplaced assumption, after all, it means that we might all have been barking up the wrong evolutionary tree.


In a nutshell: The Darwinian modern synthesis has “crumbled”, apparently “beyond repair” according to a recognized expert in the field of evolutionary and computational biology, Eugene Koonin (2). And the reason for this situation is: the most up-to-date scientific peer-reviewed research have discovered that our current model of evolution is simply no longer tenable, as not just some, but all of the major tenets of the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis are simply incorrect. (I thought that was a better word than simply WRONG). Below is a list of the main ones:







Slow & Gradual


Via Natural Selection

(in its genetically modified form)


Population models

 are going the way of the DODO


Genes are not running the evolutionary show


Mutant genes only produce deformities: not a new species



Nor is evolution, seemingly, via…


Simplistic Common Descent




From a universal ancestor that resides at the base of a single evolutionary tree




Molecular clocks have broken down


Molecular trees are toppling & being replaced with a great network web of complex living systems



I would just like to be a little facetious now, and I hope you indulge me, as if you haven’t already, I know:


Perhaps, you are one of those people who cannot possibly let go of the old Darwinian paradigm, in which case I would advise you to close this book immediately or turn off your reading device or, whatever way you have come to access this information and go back to sleep in the comfort of knowing that scientists: are always correct. They are not mere humans like you and me. They have the white-starched coats to prove it, and so many letters after their name that even a monkey sitting at a type-writer for almost ever; will still have difficulty producing a meaningful sentence from those letters. Of course no scientist has an agenda, world view of particular philosophical belief system. Nor, do the institutions that they work for. All entities within scientific institutes are impartial observers of entirely empirical data (provable tests) (Zzzzz…). According to one of the leading lights of the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis of the 30s and 40s:


Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution

(Theodosius Dobzhansky: Biologists/geneticist)


Or, I would perhaps say it another way:

Nothing in Biology makes Sense in the Light of Darwinian Evolution

(Maria O’Hare: Archaeologist & Human-Being trying to make sense of it all).


All the research in this book is fully referenced throughout the text in hyperlink number forms which go directly to their web link so that you can go as deep as you so desire. But the main reason for the references, of course, is so that you know that I’m not making any of this up or extenuating links where none exist. I wish I could say the same about the Neo-Darwinists.


I freely admit, that I had begun to wish that I hadn’t opened up this particular can of worms, but as I persevered, and eventually discovered solutions and a great deal of support for a much more inspiring paradigm than the one we have been living under, my spirits lifted. All I have done in this book and indeed, the rest of the series, which I’ll explain below, is to connect the dots of this vast subject and present it to the best of my ability and present to you an antidote to this all-invasive theory of everything, cutting through the old dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest theory, we have had to endure for far too long already. Hence, this book is solution-based and therefore, I would like to share what I found with anyone is willing to listen. I apologize from the outset for my loose blog-style in writing this. I had to attempt to entertain myself along the way as I was in danger of getting altogether too serious considering the topic I’m dealing with. I hope you don’t mind and you might even find the informal style gives you a little light relief as well.


Unfortunately, in order to reveal the new way of seeing our complex evolutionary history, first I had to attempt to dismantle the old Darwinian edifice as otherwise: we would not have a chance of seeing the wood for the trees (or begin to see clearly once the old gnarled Darwinian evolutionary tree was dismantled). Sorry if you love trees, I do too, it’s only a metaphor I’m using. I wouldn’t really want to dismantle a grand old tree in real life!


I chose the title: The Darwin Delusion(some of you may get the inspiration for this title and the source of its inspiration), as I feel the title summarizes my main thesis for this book. I hope you will agree that it is not an overstatement when you have finished reading. I have tried to make it as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible, hopefully giving you, the reader an insight into this rather insidious theory of everything that we are dealing with here in the 21st century. By the end of it (I mean this book, not the end of this century), I hope that you will understand why the Neo-Darwinian in its updated/modernized synthesis version, is crumbling and why it is happening so radically to the point of disrepair. Humpty Dumpty comes to mind. I also hope that at the same time, you feel inspired as I attempt to demonstrate the principal and practical application of the evolutionary alternatives that have always been around in some form or other. These have, I believe, real significance for our own lives and indeed our future.  This brings me to how this research evolved into a series of books.


About the forthcoming books in the Darwin Delusion series:

Indeed, given the expansive nature of the topic, the research grew into a many tentacle monster that required reining in. My solution to this dilemma was to split the work into interrelated, but distinct topics, which eventually became four books in all. They are all fairly self-contained and it really isn’t entirely necessary for you to read them all, but this one should give you all you need to know regarding the current state of affairs and the state of the Darwinian doctrine as well as an insight into the alternative science emerging. As from the time of this publication, the other three books are in various stages of being finalized, so check the blog/web site and/or Amazon (see author profile for updates on publication progress as each book is unleashed onto the public arena.


The second book in the series is entitled: Descent of Darwin with modification as it will deal with the evolution of Darwin’s idea and how it became a product of its own time and was unnaturally reinstated for a very particular agenda and artificially transplanted into our own time. This will not suit everyone’s taste. However, it does establish the historical context for the missing link in this saga, which, should explain how such a weak and unpopular theory of the late 19th and early 20th century got resurrected decades after its eclipse, whilst, other evolutionary schools of thought and research were flourishing in many parts of Europe.


The third book is much lighter, I did try to make Book Two at least a little less gloomy than the subject matter facilitated, but I think I managed some lightness. Yes, returning to the third book in the series, this is entitled: So Long & thanks for all the Walking Fish (I think the title is pretty self explanatory), and maybe at some point, if you have a real desire, like myself, to find out all there is to know on the topic of our current fossil record and what it is actually telling us, as opposed to what we want it to tell us, you might hopefully feel compelled to read this when it is published. It will explain things like: why hens’ teeth are not so rare after all and, how, although pigs don’t fly, apparently dinosaurs do now.


The final book in the Darwin Delusion series goes by the title of: In the Beginning there were microbes, and in the end there were microbes hitching a ride to the moon with men, and when this is released and you manage to get through the whole series as they come out, then you should be congratulated for not having a closed mind, because this is where biology meets physics and starts to look a little strange, but nevertheless, perfectly explicable mechanisms for evolution are uncovered; except perhaps, for biology’s big bang (what got it all going in the first place?). But, they don’t know what happened after the universal big bang either; and I never claimed to have ALL the ANSWERS you know, but I do believe we are beginning to resolve more of the evolutionary puzzle, where the Darwinian doctrine simply never could!

I hope you feel a great deal better informed and maybe even inspired, after reading of my adventures into the Darwinian rabbit hole.


 Introduction of the Darwin Delusion will follow shortly and one or two chapters more over the next while



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