Non-Darwinist evolutionary theories seen in a more modern light


 This is book one of a two part book in pdf form currently undergoing its first draft and you might find it interesting if you have ever asked the question – Is there a scientific alternative to the Neo-Darwinian version of evolution? Book one traces the alternative evolutionary theories from a historical perspective and assesses these in the light of our most up-to-date scientific understanding.

I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be appreciated, particularly at this early stage of the first draft. The fully linked and edited book will be available early in the new year along with Book two which applies the emerging alternative synthesis (hopefully pre-Spring). Stay in touch for updates and please share with anyone you think might be intersted in having an input into this enormous, but facinating topic.



Link below to pdf in case you didn’t click on book cover above. P.S. Feedback on cover would also be appreciated.

Alternative evolution based on non Darwinist theories of evolution book one by Maria B O Hare


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