Calling all ‘Beta Readers’ interested in ‘DARWIN VS. D’ARCY’, a scientific alternative to Darwinism…

BOOK NOW AT BETA READING STAGE: Full title: Darwin vs, D’Arcy, Evolution by non-Darwinian Means by M. B. O’Hare (PhD – but not in Evolution).

I will have several clear categories for Beta Readers to focus on (Readability, Lay person’s scientific understanding, Flow, Logic, Bumps on the Road, Style, Level of Interest, i.e., Nod Factor – nodding off to sleep in parts etc…) and to grade 1 to 5 (five being the most and one being the least). Each category will have a very short comment section and overview summary at the end to highlight main issues and solutions.

Darcy vs Darwin new book cover

I have included most of part one HERE: Beta reading preview Darwin vs D Arcy evolution by non Darwinian means to give you an idea of what is in the rest of the book.

The book will be about 180 pages (including a significant bibliography and original infographics) when fully formatted. After feedback – the book should be published by mid-Autumn (Fall) 2018. In return, for anyone who has participated as a Beta Reader for this book, you will be sent the Finished product in Kindle or any other e-reader compatible format that you would prefer which can be shared.

I need to limit the Beta Readers – so as to make the most of the feedback. So if you are really keen – please let me know ASAP by filling in the contact form below and tell me a little bit about why you have an interest in this topic and any background in sciences that you might have. And/Or share with someone you think might be a particularly suitable Beta Reader for this book.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer of this book (preferably on Amazon if you have an account/Goodreads etc or any of your main reading platforms) when it is published or submit here directly to be associated with the book  – I will send you a direct e-book/kindle version – there is no commitment regarding these reviews, all I ask is that they are genuine constructively critical and relevant.  (A paperback version will go to the first 3 reviewers who have also been a Beta Reader for the same book). Again fill in the contact form below and state your interest: BETA READER, POTENTIAL REVIEWER, BETA READER AND POTENTIAL REVIEWER.


Look forward to hearing from you.



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