Don’t Count your children until they’ve had the Pox: Weekly Series Intro & Part One.


 Can We Now Count Our Children?

Whatever happened to the Great Plague of the middle ages; a disease we never had any medical interventions for? Although, back in the day, protection was adopted by visiting doctors who attended the sick – the mask with the beak of a bird was filled with various herb potions and if the afflicted didn’t die from the plague, surely they would have died of fright at the sight of such a vision on one’s sick bed…


Part Two (of ‘Don’t Count Your Children Until they’ve had the Pox’) WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BUBONIC PLAGUE & WHAT HAS CHICKENPOX GOT TO DO WITH IT?

To anyone back in the middle ages, surely they would have believed that a pestilence had descended upon them sent from the Almighty himself. What punishment was this as they watched in horror as the merchant, pauper and lords alike were all torn asunder…